An innovative product line of USB powered fragrance diffuser for mobile living.

ARD-12 USB powered fragrance diffuser

  • USB fragrance diffuser
  • 3 levels diffusion interval intensity
  • Power by USB
  • 1ml fragrance container

ARD-29 Rechargeable battery-operated fragrance diffuser

  • True TherapyTM by AromaUSB®
  • Model: ARD-29

Discreet personal Nebulizer employ ultrasonic piezoelectric technology to diffuse pure essential oil straight from its bottle. No water or heat use during diffusion hence retaining true character of a therapy grade essential oil. Low power consumption and quiet, works both USB charging or standalone when charged.

Traditional nebulizer use motorize compressor to create high to low pressure flow of essential oil diffusion. They often powered by AC, usually big in size and noisy when operate. True TherapyTM employed same physic use in their big brother while in a compact and quiet package. Powered by USB or from its built-in rechargeable battery, this low power consume diffuser is ready to use anywhere.